Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birthday Party Themes

What in the world does birthday party themes have to do with food? turns out that next year I will be hosting a "food themed" birthday party (yes, 'next year' as in 2010 - Elizabeth has already decided on a theme for her 7th birthday).  E has decided she wants a "sweets" themed party.  We're going to use the Nordic Ware ice cream cone pan (at left).  Everyone will decorate their own cupcake and we'll have a candy buffet to do goodie bags.  She's excited about it.

I've wanted to do a cupcake-themed party for quite some time.  Bitsy seems to be the perfect recipient for that - provided she'll go with the idea.  :)  I'll bounce it off her as we get closer to December of 2009.  :)  However, I found this and if I didn't already have the "Leap Frog" theme chosen for Baby Guy, I'd be tempted to go this route.  It's cute!  But cupcakes are much more Bitsy's style and not so much Harrison's.  They also have the same theme for girls - should you want a pink version.


  1. Love the pan! I think I drooled a little looking at it.

    You sure are planning ahead ;)

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